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Biology: protists: diatoms

The tutor mentions a few points about diatoms. In my Feb 4 post I introduced protists, which constitute a kingdom of eukaryotic, mainly single-celled organisms. Protists are divided into plantlike and animal-like ones. Diatoms, from phylum Chrysophyta, are among the

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Biology: protists (Kingdom Protista) vs bacteria (Kingdom Monera)

The tutor makes some comparisons between protists and bacteria. Members of Kingdom Protista are generally single-celled organisms that live in water. They form a significant part of ocean plankton. Bacteria are typically single-celled as well, and are found virtually everywhere

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Biology: winter survival

The tutor shares a fact that surprises him. Winter here is fairly mild; I think the mean daily temp in Jan might be around 5 deg Celsius, with the mean nightly low being around -1 deg Celsius. That being said,

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Cell Biology: Containment: vesicles, vacuoles, and lysosomes

Tutoring biology, the cell is fundamental.  Heading towards another weekend Biology 12 workshop, the biology tutor recalls Bruce Willis’s advice in Last Boy Scout: “Be prepared.” A cell, like anyone, needs storage.  More than that, it needs storage for different purposes.

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Biology: Alternation of Generations

I’ve always found this topic a bit tricky.  As a biology tutor, it’s time to give my own explanation. Alternation of generations refers to the idea that the life cycle of a moss, for instance, comprises two distinct phases:  one