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Philosophy: the stick

Self-tutoring about connectivity: the tutor reflects…. Last fall I was tidying up the yard: a mountain of prunings had accumulated that I finally had to organize for curb pickup. Looking around for whatever I’d missed, I noticed a neatly cut

Marshall McLuhan: the Content is the Audience?

Self-tutoring about the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan: the tutor follows up…. The content is the audience -Marshall McLuhan In the video clip seen here, McLuhan connects that “If the medium is the message, then the content is the audience.” “The

Philosophy: bulletin boards

Self-tutoring about the electronic lifestyle: the tutor reflects…. Looking for answers, I often arrive at bulletin boards, or forums, where people post questions or attempt to answer others’. The progress of time you can notice on such sites is sometimes

Philosophy: likelihood

Self-tutoring about possibilities: the tutor mentions an idea for contemplation. Today, in the car, a song from around 2005 came on. It’s not one I like, and even if it was a hit, that was 14 years ago. It comes

Philosophy: what is an abstraction?

Self-tutoring about philosophy: the tutor looks at abstraction. An abstraction is a definition of an entity that includes only how it behaves and reacts but not what it is. Abstractions are used when details are unimportant beyond the interaction itself.

Philosophy: innocence in education

Self-tutoring about education: the tutor reflects…. When I was a kid, we did lots of printing and then handwriting. I wasn’t great at it, but I guess I managed. I wasn’t gifted at colouring, either – we did much of

Psychology, philosophy: believe and don’t-believe

Self-tutoring about philosophy and psychology: the tutor reflects about thinking and believing. In my post from December 30, 2018, I reflect about what qualifies as proof. An observation I make is that photographs and expert testimony seem sufficient to prove

Philosophy, mysteries: the Fermi paradox, part 0: what is proof?

Self-tutoring about philosophy: the tutor begins about the Fermi paradox: why don’t we have proof of aliens if they likely exist? The Fermi paradox is the name given to a commonly known question: given that intelligent alien life seems likely

Religion, philosophy: Jesus’s view of the death penalty

Self-tutoring about the Bible: the tutor observes a trend in philosophy about the death penalty. Pope Francis has attracted attention lately for his rejection of the death penalty. My understanding is that Francis himself takes this view in opposition to

Philosophy: point of view

Self-tutoring about life: the tutor shares a funny tale. We have one car. Some mornings I end up with it, but my wife needs it to drive herself and the kids home after school. Sometime before then, I drive it