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Business: what is dumping?

Self-tutoring about business terms: the tutor looks into the definition of dumping. dumping: selling a product in a foreign market for less than you charge for it at home. Source:

Business: what is a gilt?

Self-tutoring about investment instruments: the tutor finds a definition for gilt. A gilt is a type of UK government bond.

Philosophy, business: the “single source of truth” concept

In the tutoring realm, awareness of new insights and definitions is important. The tutor mentions single source of truth. In my March 5 post I mention the idea of a data silo. Put simply, it’s knowledge kept secret by some

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Computer science, business: what is a data silo?

Keeping current with technical language can mean continual self-tutoring. The tutor shares a great term: data silo. data silo: data or knowledge known by only one department (or some subset of a an organization). The existence of a data silo

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Economics, business: the US trade deficit: good or bad? (Part 0)

Reading about economics means self-tutoring. The tutor discusses the disadvantage – or advantage, of the US trade deficit. The US has run a trade deficit since the late 70s. Simply put, a trade deficit means that the country’s imports are

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Business: what do Carly Fiorina and Martha Stewart have in common?

Tutoring, you’re interested in education. The tutor brings up two business titans from the late ’90s/2000s: What were their first degrees? In their time, I followed both Carly Fiorina (CEO, Hewlett-Packard, 1999-2005) and Martha Stewart through the headlines. Both were

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Statistics: an assumption of the linear regression model

Tutoring statistics, linear regression is perennial. The tutor mentions an assumption it includes. When appropriate, linear regression models data by the equation y = a + bx + e, e being an error term due to variability. An inherent assumption

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Calculator usage: finding final price after discount and tax with the HP-10B

Tutoring financial math, you might often use the HP-10B. The tutor shows how easily it can apply a discount then add tax to get the final price. Example: Imagine a handbag is regular price $85 but is discounted by 20%.

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Calculator usage: memory on the HP-10B

Tutoring financial math, you’ll likely encounter the capable HP-10B. The tutor tells how to use its user-accessible memory. The HP-10B seems to have 11 dedicated places to store your own numbers. The locations are at 0 to 9, plus there

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Microsoft Word 2007: changing date format

Tutoring Business English, word processing formats inevitably arise. The tutor suggests how to change the date format in Microsoft Word 2007. I prefer the date format April 14, 2017. There’s no chance of misunderstanding it, since the month is a

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