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School supplies: Tekwriter mechanical pencils

Self-tutoring about mechanical pencils: the tutor mentions a kind he’s discovered. Shopping for school supplies, my wife and I noticed big clear plastic boxes of many brightly colored mechanical pencils. We bought a couple of boxes, out of curiosity as

School supplies: mechanical pencils

Self-tutoring about school supplies: the tutor reflects…. My wife and I were in the stationery aisles a couple of days back, noticing many “back to school” supplies. I spied a box of disposable mechanical pencils that were 0.5mm. “Get 0.7,”

School supplies: calculators: the amazing Staples BD-6108 scientific calculator

Tutoring math, calculators are always interesting. The tutor mentions a great find at Staples. On a clearance rack at Staples yesterday I found the BD-6108 scientific calculator for $3.97. I can’t remember seeing the BD-6108 before, but I just opened

School supplies: the Five Star Pencil Pouch by Mead

Tutoring, you encounter school supplies. The tutor talks of one he recently adopted. Let’s imagine the situation in which a person works in one place, not having to move their work or materials. Furthermore, let’s imagine they have their own

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School supplies: mechanical pencils vs wooden ones

Tutoring math, you see the pencils students use. The tutor makes some observations. I’m a fan of mechanical pencils: You needn’t sharpen them. One will last for weeks, months, or even longer, depending on usage. You can retract the lead

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School supplies: stick pens

Tutoring, school supplies are ever-present. The tutor brings up stick pens. Stick pens (ball-point with a cap) are perhaps my favourite kind. One reason I like them is they don’t make noise. Plus, they’re cheap enough that it makes sense

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School supplies: pens

Tutoring, you see all manner of school supplies. The tutor mentions two kinds of pens. I love good pens. By “good” I mean they write well. There are a few classifications of pens, from my point of view: stick, click,

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Studying and writing: color stimulation

Tutoring, colour choices of supplies, and even the room, can influence learning patterns. The tutor shares a couple of discoveries about environmental colour. We all have items that we like because of their colour. Perhaps it’s a pair of boots,

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School Supplies: A tutor’s point of view

Last year, listening to French radio, I heard a surprising report:  school supply shopping is the second most stressful occasion for a great many parents, second only to Christmas shopping. If that’s true, it doesn’t need to be.  What’s more, I can explain why: 1)