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Sports: Wrestling

Self-tutoring about high school sports: the tutor opens a new chapter…. A few weeks ago, somewhat suddenly, my grade 12 son joined high school wrestling. It’s a sport I know little about, although, in grade 5 PE, I did do

Sports: why is Pittsburgh baseball team called the Pirates?

Self-tutoring about American sports history: the tutor looks up how the Pittsburgh Pirates came to be so-called. In my experience, sports people are clever in subtle ways. Therefore, I was sure the name Pirates would have an interesting story behind

English: vocabulary: what is a kegler?

Tutoring English, short, unfamiliar words are great finds. The tutor shares kegler. I’ve been researching bowling lately, and have run across the word “kegler”. “Kegler” means bowler. Source: Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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