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Weather: how much snow did we get Jan 15-16?

Self-tutoring about the weather: the tutor comments…. I went to a level, undisturbed place today and gently dug to bottom, then extended a tape measure. It showed depth 11.25 inches, or 28.6cm. I admit that, by then, the melt was

Weather: same temp as…

Self-tutoring about weather in Canada: the tutor notes… The temp here in Campbell River, BC, right now (15:13 Dec 9, 2019 PST) is the same as in Summerside, PEI: 5°C. Neat, eh? Source: environment Canada environment Canada

Weather and seasons: frost today?

Self-tutoring about weather and seasons: the tutor mentions a surprising event. Normally, in our family, I’m the first up in the morning. Lying awake, around 6:20am, I heard no crickets. I speculated the overnight temp must have been low enough

Weather: precipitation so far this year, relative to normal, in Campbell River, BC

Self-tutoring about weather: the tutor checks the relative precipitation for Campbell River so far in 2019. The weather has been beautiful in Campbell River this year, but perhaps a little dry. Our recent rain has been much appreciated. How much

Weather: rapid temperature climb

Self-tutoring about weather: the tutor mentions an observation. Following the temperature’s progress this morning, I noticed a change from -2C at 7am to 16C at 11am, which I thought dramatic. Source:

Weather: why does the temperature drop after sunrise?

Self-tutoring about weather: the tutor loves to bring you this post about a phenomenon that’s long confused him. This morning, the temp was 6°C at 7am, but 4°C at 8am. The sun rose at 7:35am. I’ve observed, so often, the

Weather: snow accumulation: mass of snow on the deck

The tutor mentions a consequence of the recent snow event. Here, we’ve had an unusual amount of snow lately. I cleared off the deck two days ago to relieve it from the mass of snow on top. Then, from the

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Geography: Ocean currents: why Canada’s east and west coasts have such different weather

The phenomenon of the mild winter of Victoria, BC, compared to the much colder one of Halifax, NS, has a reason…. Typically, spring blooms begin in Victoria, BC, in February. I’m a Maritimer, so I can tell you that a

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Feb 2: Groundhog Day: early spring?

The tutor comments on a cross-quarter day. In my post of Feb 6 last year, I defined and discussed cross-quarter days – those that mark mid-season, rather than start of season. The idea is that, to people serious about the

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Weather and Seasons: first day of spring, 2016, Campbell River

The tutor shares reflections about, from his point of view, the first day of spring, 2016, in Campbell River. As many of my readers realize, I’m a Maritimer. The mild weather on Canada’s west coast continues to impress me, even

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