Comp Sci: command prompt testing (Windows 7): how to kill a runaway program

The tutor brings up a couple of “emergency procedures” for stopping a program.

I don’t write many big programs; rather, I’ll often write a page or so of code (with lots of white space) to test a utility from a given language (lately it’s been Java). Such a program is usually run from the command line.

Some programs end up “hanging”; therefore, I like to know how to stop a program before I run it. If the program really gets out of hand (and assuming it’s running from the command line), there are two ways I know to stop it:

  1. The key combination Ctrl+C
  2. From the Task Manager

The Task Manager is easily started by right-clicking the taskbar, then clicking Start Task Manager. There are several tabs to choose from; the Applications one will show the Command Prompt. If the program is running from there, just click it, then End Task at the bottom.

The two methods work equally well on my system:)


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