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Windows: folder has different name in Windows Explorer vs directory in Command Prompt

Self-tutoring about Windows file system: the tutor mentions a discovery. Today, checking a backup directory, I noticed that, in Windows Explorer, the backup folder for Desktop (desktop_backup) isn’t there. Rather, Desktop is. Yet, in command prompt, Desktop isn’t there, but

Programming: line numbers in Notepad

Tutoring programming, you might still use Notepad (I do). The tutor shares an observation. Some text editors have the option to display line numbers, so you can see the exact line you’re on. Since compilers often mention problems in code

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Windows: file permissions: what does Bypass Traverse Checking mean?

Researching file permissions can mean self-tutoring. The tutor relays the idea of Bypass Traverse Checking. Bypass Traverse Checking (file permission) This permission allows a user to access a specific file that is not protected, but which resides in a folder

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Navigating the file system from the terminal (aka Command Prompt): how to enter a two-or-more word directory or file name

The tutor shares a hint he noticed recently. When I started with computers, I don’t believe you could have a folder name like this folder: as I recall, you couldn’t have a space in the name. (You could have an

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Comp Sci: command prompt testing (Windows 7): how to kill a runaway program

The tutor brings up a couple of “emergency procedures” for stopping a program. I don’t write many big programs; rather, I’ll often write a page or so of code (with lots of white space) to test a utility from a

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Home computer use, technology: what is SoC?

The tutor shares a discovery he made while researching Windows 10. In my June 26 post I began about the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I’ve heard the deadline to do so for free is July

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Home Computer Use: Windows: Operating system install date

The tutor brings up a useful command for Windows. The 2015-2016 academic year over, I’m looking into the Windows 10 upgrade. Today I began gathering information: For example, when was Windows 7 installed on this computer? Searching the internet, a

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Windows 7: accessories: the calculator: standard deviation

The tutor brings up another great find from the Windows Start menu. I’ve rediscovered the Windows 7 calculator. It can be opened by typing calc.exe into the search box (Start Menu), or else at the Command Prompt. It’s also available

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Home computer use: Computer security: Bitdefender re-install

Amid a busy life and Bitdefender’s solid reliability, it wins again. Coincidentally, on this first day of Christmas break, my Bitdefender 2015 subscription finally expired. Back in my Dec 6 post, I told of plans to get out to check

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Modern manufacturing: brandless products

The tutor asks: Is this a modern phenomenon? During 2005-2010, I’d occasionally go to Future Shop just to see what was new. Ironically, I’d usually end up buying something “old” – aka, outdated – that was offered for cheap because

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