Cooking: buttermilk pancakes

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor shares a recipe he found for a celebrated breakfast.

Today, for my kids and their friends, is a day off from school. Therefore, last night, they each had a friend sleep over.

My tutoring business is in-house, so I don’t leave in the morning. However, my wife does, so I got up with her and went through the morning routine. Over coffee, she mentioned a few ideas for the kids’ breakfast, then left for work.

I approached the kids around 9am, asking if they were hungry. They answered yes, so I offered bagel and cream cheese, which would be ready in 5 minutes. They declared they were willing to wait – for pancakes.

Last Sunday my wife noticed a quart of buttermilk for $1. It was a great price, to be sure, so we took one. This morning I decided to make the kids pancakes, putting the buttermilk to use.

Here’s the recipe I used – it’s easy to follow. The kids seemed to like the pancakes – all four sat down to breakfast together and shared a lively conversation in which the pancakes were never mentioned. So often, no news is good news:)

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