Cooking: oven French fries

Experimenting with cooking is self-tutoring. The tutor discusses making French fries in the oven.

I wanted to make French fries, but don’t have a fryer. I looked up the oven method on the internet.

I admit I didn’t follow any recipe specifically.

Some of the fries I cut too finely, so they burnt up after about 35 minutes. The ones that didn’t burn turned out very well. Put it this way: there were no leftovers.

Going forward, I think cutting the fries 0.5″ square will prevent burning.

For three (very) large potatoes, I use 4 to 5 tablespoons of oil. In a bowl, I toss the cut potatoes in the oil, then salt liberally. I continue tossing, then salt liberally again. Next, I lay the cut potatoes out flat on baking sheets.

I imagine baking them for about 40 minutes at around 450F (232C).



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