Driving: Gas consumption and cost

The tutor explores a common topic among families.

Lately, I’ve been driving the kids to their activities and my wife to and from work. While there’s rarely been a dull moment, I’ve arrived at the topic of fuel consumption and cost.

In a typical week, one or both my kids have activities most days. We live in a small town; the drive is never far. Between work and activities, I’d say the van covers 100km a week. We only have one car.

Our van, according to fuelly.com, uses 14.2L/100km. So, we use about 14.2L per week. With gasoline about $1.20/L, the fuel cost should be around 14.2*$1.20=$17.04 per week. Just for round figures, that leads to a monthly expenditure of about $70 – yearly, $890.

I’ll be talking more about fuel economy and driving:)

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