Excel 2016: formula not calculating

Home computer use can mean self-tutoring. The tutor shares an idea about cell formatting in Excel.

Yesterday, using Excel 2016, I began a new spreadsheet and discovered a formula wouldn’t calculate. When I entered, for instance, =6+7, it wouldn’t evaluate to 13; the cell would simply continue to say =6+7. I’ve never encountered that behaviour.

I looked around the internet for a solution. The cell, many suggested, might be formatted as Text, in which case it would remain what was literally entered.

Checking its format, however, it said General.

Perhaps I accidentally changed the format to Text. (I can’t easily imagine that happening.) Anyway, what I seem to have learned is that just changing the format, once it’s been Text, won’t cause the formula to calculate. First you need to delete the cell’s contents, then change its format to General (for instance), then re-enter the formula. Then, the formula will calculate.



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