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Home computer use: D-Link DWA-181

Self-tutoring about home computer use, specifically wireless networking. The tutor mentions the D-Link DWA-181. Our main computer is from April 19, 2010. For wireless networking, it needs a usb adapter. Over the years, we’re had consistent, but slow, wireless performance

Home computer use: dual-boot

Self-tutoring about home computer systems: the tutor shares an observation. Linux can allow dual-boot – a situation in which there’s another operating system (such as Windows) on a computer, but you can start it in Linux. Today I loaded Linux

Home computer use: flash drives: FAT32?

Self-tutoring about day-to-day life with computers: the tutor shares…. I’ve been experimenting with Linux lately, which of course means making bootable USB drives. After picking up my grade 10 son from high school yesterday, my wife fetched me four small

Home computer use: shortcut to maximize or minimize window

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor mentions a trick. To maximize a window, I find the combination Windows Key + up arrow will do it. To shrink it back, Windows Key + down arrow. Source:

Home computer use: shortcut key method to access taskbar

Self-tutoring about easier ways to use the computer: the tutor observes…. The programs on the taskbar can be opened by the combination of the Windows Key and a number. For instance, the third item on the taskbar can be opened

Home computer use: application key aka menu key

Self-tutoring about computer use: the tutor mentions an observation. This morning I noticed a key between the right Ctrl key and the right Windows key. It has a little arrow pointing among some lines. What is it? Apparently the key

Home computer use: what is Bonjour Service?

Self-tutoring about PCs: the tutor looks up Bonjour Service My impression is that I’ve seen Bonjour Service listed in the Task Manager since the early 2000s. Today I see it on the Windows 10 laptop, and wonder what it does.

Home computer use: special characters in LibreOffice Writer

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor mentions a way he uses to produce special characters on LibreOffice Writer. Let’s image the é symbol, which is U00E9 in Unicode. In LibreOffice Writer, I hold down Crl+Shift+u together. Then, releasing them,

Computer problem: it seemed serious, until I disconnected a device.

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor gives an update of his experience in home computing. The main computer we use, a Windows 7 desktop from 2010, had been struggling a couple of weeks. I mentioned about starting it in

How to start Windows 7 in Safe Mode, and a reason I wanted to

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor shares a workaround he used today. We have several old computers that can be temperamental. This one, from 2010, has been acting up. I tried to do a full scan of it for