Excel: the hazard of Delete

Self-tutoring about Excel: the tutor makes an observation.

The other day, in a mad hurry, I was working on a spreadsheet. As so often happens, I needed more columns between two I’d made. No problem: right click, then Insert, which gives choices to insert Entire row or Entire column.

For the first time ever, I noticed something was different about the dialog box: rather than Insert, its title was Delete.

Believe it or not, I’ve never encountered the Delete dialog box before. Yet, it’s next below Insert. For the first time I know of, in my hurry, I’d clicked Delete by accident.

Rather than its title, the Delete dialog box is very similar to Insert, giving choices that include Entire row and Entire column. If I’d just clicked Entire column, I would have deleted one, which could have been a disaster. I thanked God that I’d noticed the dialog box said Delete instead of Insert.

We all love Excel and other office programs, but they’re so packed with features, a few careless keystrokes can really make a setback. Incredibly, I hadn’t encountered the Delete dialog before then.

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