Exercise and fitness: motivation, part 0

Self-tutoring about motivation towards exercise: the tutor reflects.

In my experience, exercise is less comfortable than relaxing. So how does a person propel themselves from relaxing to exercise? Perhaps just as importantly, how to ensure they work hard enough to get the benefit they want?

One trick I use is calorie counting. Even our 20+ year old exercise bike has a calorie counter. I know how many calories I can manage in 20 minutes (300 on that bike), so I push hard, trying to reach that goal. Later, the 5 minute cool down feels good. A couple stretches after…done:)

After a while I got bored with making 300 calories every time. Instead of trying for more, I tried to make 300 in 19 minutes, rather than 20. That motivator sustained me through many workouts. Somehow, finishing that minute early was worth fighting hard for.

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