Exercise and fitness: rest metabolic rate: 100 Watts to stay alive?

Fitness, exercise, and weight loss lead to constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares an interesting find about rest metabolic rate (RMR).

Reading physics.stackexchange.com (Martin and Martin Beckett), I read the observation that you burn 80 to 100 Watts (depending on height, weight, and so on) just existing. Curious to verify the claim, I looked for an independent opinion.

At verywell.com, Paige runs through a calculation to arrive at 1900 calories per day burned just resting.

Do the two claims agree? In fact, they exactly do, and here’s how:

Typically, 1900 fitness calories means 1900×1000=1900000 physics calories. One physics calorie=4.184J, so

1900 calories per day = 1900000×4.184 = 7949600J per day.

1 Watt = 1J/s, so we divide Joules (J) per day by seconds in one day:

7949600÷(24x60x60) = 92J/s = 92 Watts

So the two claims – that you burn 80 to 100 Watts at rest, and that you burn 1900 calories per day at rest – equate.

I’ll be talking more about the general issue of energy usage:)

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