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Self-tutoring about joint health: the tutor does some research about bursitis.

I mention in my post from Aug. 15 I’ve been nursing a shoulder injury. It may have happened around Aug. 7

I’m told the X-ray suggests bursitis, tendinitis, and calcification. Am I to be congratulated for managing all three conditions simultaneously? Perhaps…anyway, the shoulder is much better today than a week ago.

I looked into bursitis this evening for what to expect. A few details seem important:

  1. Typically, rest really helps bursitis. Such has been my case.
  2. Bursitis can result from a traumatic injury, but is often connected with long-term stress on the joint, possibly from sports, for example.
  3. The pain may be worse at night. Definitely, such was my case. It doesn’t hurt anymore, but for a few days it hurt intensely, and worst at night.
  4. If bursitis is not associated with an infection, with proper care it may heal in a few weeks. Once again, my shoulder has much improved in the two weeks since symptoms appeared.
  5. BTW: In my case, during the first few days after the injury, neither ibuprofen nor acetaminophen could touch the pain. The only pain relief I managed was from ice packs. I also have tendinitis and calcification; perhaps that’s why. However, the pain’s been gone for many days now.


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