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Health: does stress cause insulin resistance?

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor looks to connect stress with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance refers to the condition that cells no longer respond to insulin as readily as before, so the body releases more. Apparently, insulin resistance can be augmented

Health: mistaking thirst for hunger

Self-tutoring about cues: the tutor looks into possible confusion between hunger and thirst. Apparently, feeling thirsty but thinking it means hunger, really happens. The advice I’ve read to prevent hazard from the confusion: Drink water throughout the day. Then, you

Health: a hot shower might make you feel better, but why?

Self-tutoring about the habit of showering twice a day: the tutor wonders if it brings more benefits than cleanliness. A hot shower can seem surprisingly rejuvenating, but does it bring real change to body chemistry? Perhaps yes. Apparently, a hot

Serotonin: why someone might crave carbohydrates

Self-tutoring about health, diet and mood: the tutor finds a connection between eating carbohydrates and mood. Of course, some people eat because it makes them feel happy rather than because they are hungry. (I am one such person;) Is there

What is ketosis?

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor looks into ketosis. ketosis (noun): a state of metabolism in which ketones are being consumed for fuel. It results from low availability of glucose due to low carbohydrate intake. During ketosis, the body releases fat

Key ideas to help choose whey protein for muscle growth

Self-tutoring about muscle building nutrition: the tutor looks into whey protein. Two features I look for in whey protein: The first ingredient being whey protein isolate or hydrolysate (or hydrolyzed whey protein). A scoop should yield at least 80% protein

Effects of stress and cortisol, Part 1

Self-tutoring about stress and health: the tutor explores some effects of cortisol. Back in my post from March 14 I bring up cortisol, Part 0. I observe therein that cortisol is released in response to stress. Cortisol, in turn, causes

What is the 2 hour, 4 hour rule for food safety?

Self-tutoring about food safety: the tutor brings up the 2 hour, 4 hour rule. During summer, food safety might be apropos, for a couple of reasons: People often cook food for outdoors, and possibly large batches. The elevated temperature might

Licorice anti-inflammatory effect

Self-tutoring about home remedies: the tutor inquires about licorice. My wife mentioned to me that licorice can have anti-inflammatory effect. I looked up the idea for confirmation. From the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information, United States) point of view,

Food: banana: a good source of fibre?

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor mentions the fibre content of a banana. A typical banana has around 100 calories, with 2.6g of fibre. Suggested fibre intake might be 14g per 1000 calories, or 1.4g per 100 calories. The banana offers

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