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Health: COVID-19 symptom(s) vs cold or flu

Self-tutoring about coronavirus: the tutor looks into specific symptoms. Since COVID-19 seems to have arrived during cold/flu season, an obvious question is, “If a person is sick, then do they have COVID-19 or just ‘the flu’ or a cold?” From

Health: Shoulder injury, two months in

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor reports on his shoulder injury, which happened two months ago. As I report in my post August 22, my shoulder got injured August 7. An X-ray suggested bursitis, tendinits, and calcification. During the first week

Health: bursitis

Self-tutoring about joint health: the tutor does some research about bursitis. I mention in my post from Aug. 15 I’ve been nursing a shoulder injury. It may have happened around Aug. 7 I’m told the X-ray suggests bursitis, tendinitis, and

Pain relief, part II: NSAIDS: why they can affect the stomach

Self-tutoring about pain relief: the tutor looks into the connection between NSAIDS and the stomach. Apparently, NSAIDS work by reducing the production of prostaglandins, which are chemicals the body makes in response to injury. Prostaglandins cause fever and inflammation, along

Health: medical care in CR

Self-tutoring about health care in Campbell River: the tutor shares…. Typically, years pass between my visits to any health care facility. Occasionally, however, a health problem is too big for me. Such is the case with my injured shoulder. Today,

Pain relief: NSAIDs

Self-tutoring about pain relievers: the tutor shares some research. NSAID: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; eg, aspirin, ibuprofen. Source:

Health and fitness: body fat, part 0

Self-tutoring about health and fitness: the tutor begins about body fat. My older son is a weight trainer who has an image of how an ideal body looks. He often talks about body fat: “I want to decrease my body

Health: does stress cause insulin resistance?

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor looks to connect stress with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance refers to the condition that cells no longer respond to insulin as readily as before, so the body releases more. Apparently, insulin resistance can be augmented

Health: mistaking thirst for hunger

Self-tutoring about cues: the tutor looks into possible confusion between hunger and thirst. Apparently, feeling thirsty but thinking it means hunger, really happens. The advice I’ve read to prevent hazard from the confusion: Drink water throughout the day. Then, you

Health: a hot shower might make you feel better, but why?

Self-tutoring about the habit of showering twice a day: the tutor wonders if it brings more benefits than cleanliness. A hot shower can seem surprisingly rejuvenating, but does it bring real change to body chemistry? Perhaps yes. Apparently, a hot