History: 2019: Remembrance Day reflections

Self-tutoring about Remembrance Day: the tutor reflects….

Of course, today is marked to honour those who have fallen defending their homelands in war. Many have marked graves; many do not. By far most were very young when killed.

For a person, loss and grief can last forever; to a society, much less so. People born too late to understand soon define the society. They might even buy poppies and wear them, but by late November, their awareness has likely changed.

Perhaps, the fact that people who don’t participate in war-time, can’t understand it, is for the best. War damages people psychologically perhaps even worse than physically. Likely, following the World Wars, this was less understood than today.

While armed conflict continues in some areas, another World War is hard to imagine. The days of geographical empires seem over. Corporations, the new superpowers, know that war is a losing proposition.

War losses continue, and we should be grateful to those who serve, even if we don’t agree that Canada should be involved here or there. Those who serve there do so because someone believes, ultimately, they are defending Canada.

Thanks to our soldiers, and to God, for their service.

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