Holidays: Christmas 2019, Nanaimo

Self-tutoring about the recent Christmas season: does it endure?

We’ve all heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas, which run Dec 25 through Jan 5. Yet, can Christmas endure even past then?

Last night, January 5th, I walked some blocks in Downtown Nanaimo. So many Christmas lights remained, and displays in stores, that it seemed like Christmas Eve.

This evening, January 6th, returning from the grocery store, I appreciated the air was mild and soothing. Walking up the hill, I heard from behind me church chimes playing “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.”

I began to wonder if the Christmas season is surpassing its defined span. The intensity of Christmas doesn’t seem sustainable; yet, in the soft evening air, I wonder if, in some subtle form, it can sustain past the time frame one might imagine.


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