Parenting: the right side of a memory

Self-tutoring about life: the tutor mentions a wrong he righted.

I’ve always listened to music with my kids, especially 2012-2018 at breakfast time. One missed opportunity haunts me, however.

My older son must’ve been around 8, when he asked me to listen to “The Lazy Song” (Bruno Mars) with him. I said no, because I didn’t like the song.

I’ve relived that moment many times, and realize the answer should have been “yes,” because he liked the song, so I should have wanted to share it with him. I was stupid, though, and failed to understand the opportunity.

A week ago, driving home from Nanaimo, I sat in the back seat, my wife in the passenger seat, and that son of mine driving. He was playing the stereo and having a great old time, driving us home in the dark.

He asked if he could play “Rock Star” by Nickelback. It’s not my favourite song, and I had so many better suggestions, that I at first said, “no.”

Thankfully, my inner voice piped up while a different song played. “You idiot – you’re making the same mistake! Don’t you regret saying ‘no’ to ‘The Lazy Song,’ 10 years ago? Smarten up!!!”

I leaned forward: “Since you’re driving,” I began, “you can play Rock Star if you want.”

“Thanks, Dad! You’ll see it’s great,” he replied, and my younger son started playing it from his phone. Both my boys loved listening to it as Paul (my older is Paul; my younger, James) conducted us along the dark freeway. I admit it was better than I’d remembered.

I’ve made innumerable mistakes as a parent, but I’ve learned some lessons, too. In this case, I changed my mind, ending up on the right side of the memory:)

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