Holidays: Halloween party 2023

Self-tutoring about festivals and holidays: the tutor mentions a Halloween party.

To my knowledge, the last Halloween party I attended was in 2019. I guess COVID happened next, and last year I was in university, too busy to go to a party. I did a spooky forest walk for Halloween 2022; that’s about all.

Last night I resurrected the custom of going to Halloween parties by attending possibly the best one I recall. Everyone came in costume (a stipulation), and the costumes were really well done. The attendees mingled, too, rather than being cliquey. The feeling was very nice and festive. There was good food available, too: one could just sit and munch if desired. I got full on veg and dip, so couldn’t try a lot of the other foods.

Later on, dancing began: lots of people participated. Others remained on the sidelines, continuing in conversation. Halloween decorations, including an amazing window painting, elevated the spirit. The dancing continued for about three hours.

After 11:30pm, the party dwindled, maturing like a fine wine. I think I was among the last half-dozen guests.

Happy Halloween, everyone:)

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