Holidays: Thanksgiving

Self-tutoring about Thanksgiving: the tutor reflects….

My earliest memories of Thanksgiving are from the Maritimes, in elementary school. My elementary teachers loved to decorate their rooms to point to a coming occasion: cardboard cutouts of turkeys, cornucopia, and pumpkins went up on the walls. Often we would color a thanksgiving picture and they’d all go up as well. Although I wasn’t good at colouring, I enjoyed the activity and loved looking at them after they were all hung up.

We all have much to be thankful for. Moreover, the Maritimes are agricultural, especially where I lived as an elementary-school-kid, so Thanksgiving seems to resonate more there, with its connection to harvest. We left there for a rather barren part of Newfoundland, which was an isolated navy base whose climate didn’t encourage farming. Thanksgiving wasn’t celebrated as much there as in the Maritimes.

Next we returned to the Maritimes – this time, to Dartmouth. Dartmouth wasn’t agricultural, because it’s a city. Therefore, Thanksgiving was a long weekend there, but didn’t seem to bring the joy it had in rural PEI or the Annapolis Valley.

I’m a big fan of Thanksgiving – agricultural people seem to love the fall. (Perhaps they love every season, since it’s all nature, which they count on.) I was never a farmer myself, but grew up around them and developed, more than any other, their philosophy. I had no idea, at age 10, how important those farmers and their whole world was, and would continue to be to me, evermore. I guess that’s one more thing I’m thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving:)

BTW: I recall my coaches’ (it was a weight-class sport) annual Thanksgiving advice: “Don’t eat the whole turkey.”


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