Canadian geography: mammals: striped skunk

Self-tutoring about mammals in Canada: the tutor mentions the striped skunk.

The striped skunk lives in most of Canada, although not here on Vancouver Island. It can grow more than 2 feet long and reach over 7 pounds.

Skunks eat almost anything, including frogs, snakes, fish, mice, fruit, grass, seeds, insects, and larvae. Their preferred habitat seems to be agricultural areas. The skunk is a burrowing creature, related to the weasel.

Skunks live in the Maritimes, but I never saw one when I lived there, perhaps because they tend towards being nocturnal. However, occasionally there would be a bad smell around and someone would tell me that it was from skunk discharge. This happened around once a year, and typically near the school, which had portables and was surrounded by fields. The habitat made sense; apparently skunks like to burrow under buildings and they like open, grassy areas. The smell would last a few days, maybe more.


Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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