Homemade apple pie: good for you?

Self-tutoring about eating and lifestyle: the tutor reflects.

Recently I made a couple of apple pies because we had a big bag of apples we’d gotten for cheap. I must have used 6 pounds of apples making the pies. I also used two cups sugar.

The pies were gone in two days.

Some people might say that eating less sugar is better, so we just should have eaten the apples plain rather than in pies. My perspective, however, is that we never would have eaten six pounds of plain apples in two days; we might have managed to consume them in a week.

In pie form, the apples are much more attractive to eat. Is the sugar partly why? Perhaps. Yet, if you believe that eating more fruit is better, you’re provoked to contemplate that people might eat around three times the volume of apples in pie form as they will plain.

A cornerstone of the reasoning is knowing exactly how much apples and sugar were involved.



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