Internet: VPN blocking access to some associated sites?

Self-tutoring about internet access: the tutor mentions a problem he had and a possible cause.

An institution I visit often (via the internet) has its big, main web location (comprising many sub-sites) plus a VPN I use to reach one of its associated servers.

Lately I’ve been on that VPN most of the time. I’ve noticed during the same period that I can’t access one or two of the institution’s sites.

Today I phoned them to tell the problem – that I couldn’t reach one of their sites I always could before. The IT technician wasn’t aware I was also using the VPN, but commented as follows:

The only problem I’ve heard like yours has been from a few people in corporate environments. I think it’s got to do with a port they control at their end.

I contemplated his remark, and realized the VPN was likely blocking my access – not intentionally, but rather, coincidentally. I logged off it, then could access the sites easily that I’d been blocked from moments before.

So perhaps a VPN connection can prevent other access? Anyway, I find that, indeed, when I’m not connected to the VPN, I can access any of the sites that seem blocked when I am connected to the VPN.

I’m glad the technician was willing to share his idea even though he wasn’t sure it related to me. It was very helpful – thanks:)

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