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What does .za mean at the end of a domain name?

Self-tutoring about internet surfing: the tutor looks into the .za top level domain. .za means the website is from South Africa, according to my source. Source:

Does having multiple tabs open affect speed?

Self-tutoring about technology: the tutor adds an observation about download speed related to multiple tabs open. For my phone, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent relationship between number of tabs open and download speed. With 8 tabs open it

Internet: what is the difference between the deep web and the dark web?

More computer science self-tutoring: the tutor defines deep web vs dark web in order to clarify the difference. My understanding is that the web browsers people commonly use, find the sites they suggest by following links associated with words the

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Checking internet speed:

The tutor mentions, a convenient internet speed test. When I’m wondering how my wireless internet is performing, I point the browser to, by Netflix. loads with a number showing Mbps. I find it’s very useful for checking

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Technology: is the computer 5G compatible?

The tutor begins exploring the question of 5GHz capability. I have several computers. One shows the 5GHz network among those available, but the other doesn’t. Why? Apparently, the answer is in the hardware. Both computers are Windows 7. In the

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Internet: web proxies, part II: what is a transparent proxy?

The tutor continues coverage of web proxy terms. With yesterday’s post I began exploring the world of web proxies. In general, they are hardware or software entities that receive and pass on the requests and responses of internet communication. A

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Internet: web proxies

The tutor begins about the different types of proxies used over the internet. Lately I’ve developed interest about internet proxies. I hear about people using them, but those aren’t the ones that mainly interest me. I’ve got the academic curiosity

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Web browsers: Firefox: Show All History not quite working?

The tutor offers a way to view your history when it’s not showing. I love Firefox; it’s the browser I use with my Linux (Ubuntu) computers. Yesterday I clicked, at the top, History. A drop-down menu appeared, showing websites I

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Web design: css3 gradient, part III: browser support

Continuing about css3 gradient effects, the tutor discusses some of the browsers that do or don’t support them. In my previous two posts (here and here), I’ve been talking about the css3 gradient effect. I’ve acknowledged that not everyone viewing

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Internet research: the tutor comments

The tutor opens a discussion of research in today’s context. Nowadays, virtually everyone counts on the internet not just for entertainment, but for important information.  Travelers likely use it to access ferry schedules, highway routes, and weather forecasts.  DIYers might

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