Lifestyle: convection oven vs regular oven

The tutor looks into the advantages of a convection oven.

I’ve never owned a convection oven or used one, but years ago I knew a very pragmatic coffee shop owner. He baked his own goods, and he had a convection oven. I knew he wouldn’t have it unless it was particularly useful.

The difference between a regular oven and a convection one is that a convection oven blows heated air against the food, rather than simply heating the chamber. The result is quicker cooking – perhaps by about 25%.

Convection is useful for cooking meat, heavier baked goods like cookies or muffins, and even pastries. However, products that are potentially unstable, such as cake or souffle, probably should not be cooked with convection.

Relative to regular oven cooking, convection cooking should be done at a lower temperature setting, perhaps by 25F (14C). The food needs to be checked earlier.



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