Lifestyle: grocery shopping: Is the same item in more than one place?

Shopping for groceries can mean continual self-tutoring. The tutor shares a discovery.

Grocery shopping, in my opinion, is best not done in a hurry. Being able to browse for deals beyond what brought you there is often an advantage. Furthermore, there are products yet to be discovered, meal ideas that can be triggered, etc.

I get contemplative while grocery shopping. Looking for an item, I try to classify it: What will it be with? Sometimes I imagine the item in two different categories, but find it in the first. Yet, is it also in the other? Is that item actually on two different shelves, in different aisles? I often wonder.

A few days ago I bought cocoa: I found it with the baking needs. Yesterday, however, I returned to the store for a different reason. There the cocoa was again, in a different aisle, among syrups and powders for making hot chocolate.

Promoted items are often found at various locations in the same store. However, the cocoa is the first item I’ve noticed, for certain, to have two homes at the grocery store.

I can’t help but wonder how many other items occur in two different aisles. Undoubtedly, some shoppers know Item A only in Aisle X, while others seek it only in Y. It’s an example of how distinct realities exist, even in the mundane setting of a grocery store:)

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