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Exercise and fitness: hill running

Self-tutoring about training: the tutor reflects about an activity he’s recently begun. Years ago I kept fit by running, but gave it up around 2015 because I started to feel it in the hips. Yet, recently, I’ve begun a new

English: “Minder”

Self-tutoring about English: the tutor reminisces, mentioning the term “minder”. When I was a kid, I used to watch a British TV show called Minder. I’d say it wasn’t a comedy, yet was very funny. It was about a small-time

Chemistry: anhydrous

Tutoring chemistry, definitions are always of interest. The tutor brings up the term anhydrous anhydrous (adj): containing no water. As I understand, the particles of an anhydrous substance are not associated with water, but likely would be if not for

Computer science: JavaScript: ‘false’ != false

Self-tutoring about computer science: the tutor mentions a test he ran tonight with JavaScript. Boolean(‘false’)=true while Boolean(false)=false on the Edge and Firefox JavaScript consoles I tested this evening. Source: Jones, Darren. JavaScript: Novice to Ninja, 2nd ed. Collingwood: SitePoint Pty,

Roaming range of domestic cats

Self-tutoring about domestic cats: the tutor researches how far cats commonly roam. We have no pets, but other people’s cats visit our yard daily. There is rotation: some are new arrivals, while others have come for years. Some only come

Are dandelions an invasive species?

Tutoring English, one is interested in definitions. The tutor examines the definition of invasive species in connection with the common dandelion. The common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is from Europe, rather than native to North America. Although it seems to be

What is the point of gardening?

Self-tutoring: the tutor delves into the philosophy behind urban gardening. In the late ’80s I talked to a farmer, and survivalist, who lived way up north. He didn’t have a garden. His wife did; he snickered at its mention. “You’re

Lifestyle, technology: web search skills

Self-tutoring about web research: the tutor reflects about search skills. Nowadays, information is so widely available on the internet, that searching for it has become an invaluable skill. One key to being a good internet researcher, however, is to “think

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English, philosophy: what a retrospective point of view might reveal

via Daily Prompt: Retrospective retrospective (adj): surveying past events or periods. Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English, Oxford University Press, Don Mills, 2005. Humans are occupied with time’s passage and the changes that transpire. Individuals, teams, businesses, and countries have

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English: spelling: is “disfunctional” dysfunctional?

Tutoring English, spelling can hold surprises. The tutor mentions one he got from spelling “disfunctional.” This editor is unhappy with the spelling “disfunctional”, yet Merriam-Webster does allow for it. Given that Merriam-Webster is American, and so I’m sure is this

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