Lifestyle: microwaving coffee or tea: a safety precaution

Tutoring, I drink coffee. (What academic doesn’t?) The tutor gives a hint for those who microwave coffee but drink it black.

I’ve been told that, when you microwave a cup of liquid, an air bubble can develop beneath the surface. Then, if the drink remains undisturbed, it can pop into your face when you take a sip.

For decades I didn’t worry about that, since I took cream in my coffee. However, last summer, I stopped using cream; now I just drink it black. As a precaution, I always dip a spoon or stir stick into freshly-microwaved coffee, just to release any air bubble that might be waiting.

The other day I was in such a situation, but there was no stir stick or spoon handy. Wondering what to do, I put the cup of microwaved coffee under the tap, then let a few drips of cold water fall in. It broke the surface tension well enough.

I believe the air bubble phenomenon can happen, but rarely. I think I’ve seen microwaved liquid “jump” up from the cup a few times over the last fifteen years.

PS: Only four months ’til Christmas!

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