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Coffee: Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend, dark roast

Self-tutoring about coffee: the tutor mentions a kind he’s noticed. I like using espresso blend coffee beans to make drip coffee. An example is Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend, dark roast, a bag of which I’ve recently opened. The coffee packs

Lifestyle: Salt Spring Coffee: Blue Heron variety

Self-tutoring about coffee: the tutor mentions one he’s glad he picked up. When Salt Spring Coffee comes on sale, I usually buy a few bags. Yesterday was just such an occasion. The Blue Heron variety, which I’m drinking right now,

Lifestyle: blending coffee

Self-tutoring about blending coffee: the tutor shares a couple of observations. I drink a lot of coffee, and definitely know what I like. Sometimes I blend coffees, but not usually. How do I decide whether to blend two coffees? Let’s

Lifestyle: how long can ground coffee stay fresh, after it’s opened?

Self-tutoring about coffee: the tutor inquires how quickly to use up ground coffee when it’s no longer sealed. Typically I buy bean coffee which I grind as needed. However, ground coffee can be very convenient. How long might it maintain

Lifestyle, Canadian brands: coffee: Best Gourmet Coffee Company, Kona Blend, ground

The tutor discusses more lifestyle self-tutoring: maintaining coffee quality when you’re living from a suitcase. My wife says that my taste buds aren’t very refined – I can’t tell the difference between good food and great food. Likely, she tells

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Coffee: caffeine content, light roast vs dark

Tutoring, I consume a cup of coffee every hour. The tutor shares a fact about caffeine content vs roast. About twenty five years ago I was told that roasting coffee beans destroys caffeine. Therefore, the logic continued, the darker the

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Lifestyle: microwaving coffee or tea: a safety precaution

Tutoring, I drink coffee. (What academic doesn’t?) The tutor gives a hint for those who microwave coffee but drink it black. I’ve been told that, when you microwave a cup of liquid, an air bubble can develop beneath the surface.

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Coffee: reheat temperature

Coffee appreciation involves self-tutoring. The tutor brings up a couple of observations about reheating coffee. I’m a coffee drinker, to be sure. I make a pot at a time, then reheat it later, cup by cup. I would say that