Lifestyle: Nanaimo: day trip

Self-tutoring about life these days: the tutor mentions a day trip to Nanaimo.

Since March I’ve seldom left the house except for the running field a block away. The reclusive lifestyle comes naturally to me.

On Saturday we went to Nanaimo: my younger son wanted to return to the trampoline park, my wife wanted to look for clothes for work, and we wanted to check out what’s new for the kids. After so many months at home, it suggested itself.

Upon arrival we headed straight to the trampoline park. My younger son bounced around, practicing side-flips and such, while the rest of us read (my older son is in college now, and brought his courses). Around 1.5 hours later we left for the mall.

My wife and I were surprised how many young people wore masks at the mall. Some clerks wore them as well. The clientele were a spry bunch, since anyone sick has to stay home. Lots of people wore fashion masks, and obviously have done so for so long they’ve forgotten about it.

Yet, stores that require you to wear a mask seemed rare. We didn’t go into every store, but I know of only two where you had to wear one (they were provided) to enter. My wife and older son put on masks and went in.

A couple of stores had line-ups because they only allow so many people in at a time. The wait wasn’t long, and it was kind of pleasant to just stand there for a few minutes, zoning out, without having to justify it.

A couple of stores in the mall have changed, but more or less everything’s the same, holding up just fine. It was a good day trip to Nanaimo.

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