Exercise and fitness: baseball cap on backwards

Self-tutoring about modes of outerwear: the tutor mentions why wearing a baseball cap backwards might make sense.

The other day, on my way out for a run, I felt like wearing a baseball cap. I seldom wear one except for doing yard work, so I wondered why I was moved to do so. Moreover, I had a clear desire to wear it backwards – once again, who knows why?

In my life I’ve known two people who habitually wore ball caps backwards: I liked them both, but both were rebels. On that basis, it seemed like a cool idea to wear a baseball cap backwards for the run. Yet, what was making me, suddenly, want to do so?

It was a hot day. A few laps in, I realized the advantage of wearing the ball cap backwards: it kept the sun off the back of my neck. I recall hearing from a survivalist that the back of the neck is a key part of the body that can be used to regulate temperature. I will have to research that fact to confirm it, but the idea makes sense.

So, there might be a more functional idea behind wearing a baseball cap backwards rather than just to embody rebellion.

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