Lifestyle: Parksville

Self-tutoring about traveling on Vancouver Island: the tutor comments on his stay in Parksville.

Parksville has given me a wonderful week.

I find the people here friendly and considerate. Last night, I was crossing at a corner. Someone was waiting behind me to make a left turn. They did not enter the intersection until I was on the sidewalk at the other side. Such politeness might be surprising, but not in Parksville.

Wherever I go here, the people I meet say “Hello” and wish me a good day.

The other night, walking home, I saw a business all lit up as if it were open. Yet I was sure it wasn’t, given the lateness of the hour. I looked inside. Two men were playing a board game after closing up shop. Making hand gestures, they were absorbed in conversation as they set up the game. It might have been a sight from another era…unless you’re here.

Everywhere in Parksville, the people have buoyed me during a very busy week. It will be tempting to return here….

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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