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Self-tutoring about web research: the tutor reflects about search skills.

Nowadays, information is so widely available on the internet, that searching for it has become an invaluable skill. One key to being a good internet researcher, however, is to “think like most people.” I believe that if you can ask the question the way most people would, you’ll likely find its answer on the internet, if available.

I recall hearing, for instance, about a video game that many say existed in the ’80s, but might be an urban legend. Today, I couldn’t remember its name. How to ask for a name you can’t type in?

In Google Search, I keyed “name of that video game that doesn’t exist” and pressed Enter. Amazingly, the name Polybius appeared in the suggestions. It’s definitely the name I was trying to recall.

I suspect the success of that search is because many others have already keyed in the exact same one.

When searching the ‘net, sometimes just asking the unfiltered question can get the best result.

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