Music: Little River Band, “Lonesome Loser”

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor reflects on a hit he recalls from childhood.

“Lonesome Loser” came out in ’79, according to the sources I’ve found. I recall its arrival around then, though wouldn’t be surprised if it was earlier.

Back when you either had to have the record, or else luck in and hear it on the radio, music seemed more unified than now. “Everyone” knew what was popular, because the “main” radio station(s) played the new stuff, plus hits from a few years back.

Even back then, some hits were obviously more relatable to kids, such as “Video Killed the Radio Star”, others more to adults, such as “Lonesome Loser”.

“Lonesome Loser”, despite its love theme I couldn’t grasp at age nine, was catchy enough that I liked it from the start. It sounded like a country song to me, so is perhaps among those that brought country music mainstream. Its official genre, however, seems to be rock.

“Lonesome Loser” isn’t just catchy, though, because it also has strong lyrics that are easy to discern. The “Lonesome Loser” keeps putting up his heart seeking true love, never giving up….

Most of us certainly know a “Lonesome Loser” (or indeed recognize ourselves in the lyrics), and often they’re (or we’re) a lovable character. Perhaps the darker message behind the fun party sound of “Lonesome Loser” is that being lovable won’t earn you love.


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