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Music: “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)” part II: the video

Self-tutoring about music videos: the tutor mentions one he’s long considered. In yesterday’s post I mention “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)”, circa ’85, by the band from Ottawa, Eight Seconds. It’s a song I remember from then, but I’ve grown

Music: Eddie Money, Part 3: “Walk on Water”

Self-tutoring about the “Money Man”: the tutor discovers “Walk on Water.” Continuing about Eddie Money: In my research, I’ve encountered songs of his I never knew. One is “Walk on Water”, from Nothing to Lose (1988). I’ve mentioned that Eddie

Music: Eddie Money, part 2

Self-tutoring about music and history: the tutor continues about Eddie Money. I recall a DJ introducing a song: “Next up, we’ve got the Money Man…Eddie Money with ‘Take Me Home Tonight’”. Eddie Money was ubiquitous on working people’s radio stations

Music: Eddie Money, part 1

Self-tutoring about music and history: the tutor recalls Eddie Money’s presence in the 70s and beyond. I guess Eddie Money passed on September 13, at age 70. I recall Money’s music from the 70s and 80s. On the radio in

Music: “Heroes” by David Bowie

Self-tutoring about popular culture: the tutor mentions an observation connecting David Bowie with Stranger Things. My family loves Stranger Things: we just finished season 3. Near its end, I heard “I…I will be King…” “You…you will be Queen….” Where had

Music: Willie Nelson: “Crazy”

Self-tutoring about Willie Nelson and American music: the tutor shares a story he discovered. A few days ago I learned that Willie Nelson wrote “Crazy.” Back then, in 1960, Patsy Cline was a star, yet “Crazy” is the only song

Music: reminiscences: “Amos Moses,” by Jerry Reed

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor discovers a song from his elementary school years…. Once, in PE in grade 5, our teacher set a dance for us to learn. We’d never done such activity. He set the record on the turntable.

Music: Little River Band, “Lonesome Loser”

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor reflects on a hit he recalls from childhood. “Lonesome Loser” came out in ’79, according to the sources I’ve found. I recall its arrival around then, though wouldn’t be surprised if it was earlier. Back

Music: M83: Midnight City

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor mentions the song “Midnight City” by M83. Waiting in a car Waiting for a ride in the dark…. So begins “Midnight City” by M83, from 2011. I don’t recall if I knew it then, but

90s Music: Blind Melon:”No Rain”

Self-tutoring about 90s music: the tutor revisits Blind Melon’s hit “No Rain.” I recall Blind Melon’s “No Rain” from the early 90s. I thought it was catchy enough, but to me, it soon disappeared. My life changed quickly back then