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Music: Kim Carnes: “More Love”

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor recalls a situation surrounding “More Love” by Kim Carnes. Many years ago, I heard a song I instantly knew was familiar, yet couldn’t identify. It played in a busy store; only strains of it I

Music: Who wrote “Free Ride?”

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor mentions a discovery. Apparently, Dan Hartman wrote the famously catchy song “Free Ride,” released on Jan 1, 1972 and performed by the Edgar Winter Group. Hartman had his own hits, but that’s for other posts.

Music: “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)” part II: the video

Self-tutoring about music videos: the tutor mentions one he’s long considered. In yesterday’s post I mention “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)”, circa ’85, by the band from Ottawa, Eight Seconds. It’s a song I remember from then, but I’ve grown

Music: Eddie Money, Part 3: “Walk on Water”

Self-tutoring about the “Money Man”: the tutor discovers “Walk on Water.” Continuing about Eddie Money: In my research, I’ve encountered songs of his I never knew. One is “Walk on Water”, from Nothing to Lose (1988). I’ve mentioned that Eddie

Music: Eddie Money, part 2

Self-tutoring about music and history: the tutor continues about Eddie Money. I recall a DJ introducing a song: “Next up, we’ve got the Money Man…Eddie Money with ‘Take Me Home Tonight’”. Eddie Money was ubiquitous on working people’s radio stations

Music: Eddie Money, part 1

Self-tutoring about music and history: the tutor recalls Eddie Money’s presence in the 70s and beyond. I guess Eddie Money passed on September 13, at age 70. I recall Money’s music from the 70s and 80s. On the radio in

Music: “Heroes” by David Bowie

Self-tutoring about popular culture: the tutor mentions an observation connecting David Bowie with Stranger Things. My family loves Stranger Things: we just finished season 3. Near its end, I heard “I…I will be King…” “You…you will be Queen….” Where had

Music: Willie Nelson: “Crazy”

Self-tutoring about Willie Nelson and American music: the tutor shares a story he discovered. A few days ago I learned that Willie Nelson wrote “Crazy.” Back then, in 1960, Patsy Cline was a star, yet “Crazy” is the only song

Music: reminiscences: “Amos Moses,” by Jerry Reed

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor discovers a song from his elementary school years…. Once, in PE in grade 5, our teacher set a dance for us to learn. We’d never done such activity. He set the record on the turntable.

Music: Little River Band, “Lonesome Loser”

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor reflects on a hit he recalls from childhood. “Lonesome Loser” came out in ’79, according to the sources I’ve found. I recall its arrival around then, though wouldn’t be surprised if it was earlier. Back