Music: Night Ranger: “When You Close Your Eyes”

Self-tutoring about classic rock: the tutor mentions one of Night Ranger’s other songs.

Many bands have one big song everyone remembers, then one or a few others less known that were hits as well. Toto might be a great example: “Africa” definitely seems to be their best-known hit, yet “I’ll be Over You” also was one – and maybe even a better song.

To Night Ranger: “Sister Christian” is their song everyone knows, for so many reasons. You still hear it everywhere. For a while, though, I’ve suspected that Night Ranger had at least one other hit whose name I can’t recall. Tonight I checked – and I was right, for sure.

“When You Close Your Eyes” I definitely recall hearing. It might be a better song, even, than “Sister Christian.” It’s worth a listen; it was an important hit in its time;)


Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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