Nexus 4: factory reset

Self-tutoring about mobile phones: the tutor mentions executing a factory reset.

I mention in my post from Aug 19 how my mobile phone was nearly disabled from constant pop-ups of the message “Unfortunately Google play services has stopped.” Clearing the cache seemed to work, but not for long.

Eventually I decided to do a factory reset. Yet, I worried: how would the phone emerge from it?

The one thing on the phone I couldn’t lose were hundreds of photos. I recalled that, theoretically, those are backed up somewhere online. Some searching led me to type “google photos” in the Google search bar, then press Enter. I signed in there, to find the photos from my phone safely backed up online.

I knew that resetting the phone would erase the photos on it, and worried it may also erase the backups online. Therefore, to be safe, I downloaded copies of those photos from Google Photos, then uploaded them to independent storage.

Next, I copied a few cell numbers down from the messaging app.

Finally, I reset the phone to factory settings. It’s surprisingly easy: in Settings there’s a Backup & reset option.

The reset took awhile – maybe 5 to 15 minutes. I think I had to turn the phone on afterwards. Once I did, the Photos app was again accessible from the main screen. Going there, I saw that all my photos were still in Google Photos online.

The texting app’s memory was wiped, but it works fine. I texted a few people to get their numbers back in there.

Since its factory reset, my Nexus 4 seems to work perfectly.

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