Passage of time: the tutor shares a story

Self-tutoring about changes that evolve: the tutor reflects….

Perhaps fourteen years ago, the City planted a new tree in a local park. Its particular site was interesting, being on a hillside. Metal posts were driven in the ground either side, and from them bungee cords reached out around the tree, to stabilize it.

The children were preschool-aged then, and I took them out for walks almost every day. We frequently visited that tree. Time (seemingly) passed slowly those days, and I often wondered how the tree would fare.

My kids entered school and time sped up. Less often did we visit the tree, which, like my kids, seemed to be prospering. One time we went there, the bungee cords were no longer attached, though the posts remained.

As my children’s lives grew more complicated, and less dependent on me, I visited the tree even less often. When I made them, my visits were brief. Eventually, I noticed, one of the posts started leaning. The tree, by then, was so tall and straight, with such girth, that a newcomer might have wondered about the posts’ function.

In time, I think they removed one post, leaving the other. A few days ago, on a run, I came upon the tree again without noticing either post; I think they took the other one down sometime this summer.

Do you know that tree? It’s a blue spruce.

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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