Politics: state of the union

Self-tutoring about US politics: the tutor opines….

An article suggests that Americans’ confidence in their country is in decline. The main reason, apparently, is political strife.

When I was a kid, the US was the world champion. Americans seemed confident in the strength of their country. Were they really, or did their portrayal cover a narrower angle?

In my opinion, the gap between rich and poor has always been a great trouble of America’s. Indeed, it seems inseparable from the country’s identity. It extends past comfort to health and well being.

Perhaps America’s problems weren’t discussed in the 80s as now. Maybe the reason was that Americans thought “America is the best in the world – this is as good as a country can get, so we should be grateful, problems and all.” Its military likely was the best, but internally, was irrelevant.

Nowadays, no military threat seems to loom. Americans are good at military matters, but they need to find new strengths. Cooperation is much more difficult to achieve than conflict, as anyone who lives in a household knows.

If Americans don’t feel their country is great anymore, then just as Donald Trump says, they can make it great again. They just need to cooperate towards solving their problems. Will they?



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