Philosophy: innocence in education

Self-tutoring about education: the tutor reflects….

When I was a kid, we did lots of printing and then handwriting. I wasn’t great at it, but I guess I managed. I wasn’t gifted at colouring, either – we did much of that, too.

Later in my education, I started to notice why colouring had mattered: it taught presentation.

In university I had a few professors who loved a solution that used ideas they’d covered, but with a totally different, unpolished approach. In such a case, they would point out that the rawness of the student’s thinking showed understanding beyond the framework from which they’d been taught. The fresh understanding could be appreciated as innocence, compared to the by-the-book layout a more diligent student might render.

Colouring a picture so it looks appealing takes concentration – presentation always does. Yet, you can have really great presentation, with very little content.

The balance between content and style is more prominent in my thoughts than before.

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