Philosophy: problem solving

Self-tutoring about problem solving: the tutor relates a quick story.

We have rechargeable phones for our land line: the set came with four phones and three recharging stations. We bought it years ago.

Gradually, the phones started to resist recharging. We were down to two, then finally one. I looked up a place to order some replacement cells for a good price. They arrived, on schedule, two days later: my wife switched out the old cells for the newly arrived ones.

A few hours later, two phones were fully charged. The next morning, I looked at the other two phones in their charging stations: they were still showing no bars. Their charging lights weren’t even on. What was the problem?

I jiggled one in its charging station, wondering if it wasn’t connecting properly. After about 20 seconds of gently adjusting its position, its light came on. Then, I did the same for the other.

So, likely, the phones’ real problem was that their recharging surfaces wore out, so were reluctant to make proper contact. Their cells then developed poor memory, and died. We thought the cells just wore out, but just as probably not.

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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