Philosophy: the Trump presidency

Self-tutoring about politics and “the way things are”: the tutor reflects….

Back in the 90s, many situations bothered me about “the way things were.” When I’d question any such case, someone in their late 40s or 50s would always say something like “It’s that way for a reason. The fact that it is that way means it should be.”

I was always disappointed with people who said that. Men said it much more commonly than women.

I think the people who claimed “however things are, that’s how they should be,” anticipated that when I “grew up,” I’d agree with them. Rather, the opposite has happened:)

One situation that fascinates me, given that history, is the Trump presidency. In many cases, those same people who told me I was wrong to dissent back then, are now complaining about Trump. Yet, I recall their saying that

  1. Things are the way they are for good reasons.
  2. If something is a certain way, that’s because it’s good and right.

I’m confused how people who were so sure “the system works” in the 90s seem so mistrusting of it now.

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