Pop culture: modern sayings: “partner”

Self-tutoring about modern English: the tutor mentions the term “partner.”

Nowadays, it seems, couples aren’t necessarily husband and wife; most of the time they seem to refer to each other as “partners.”

The problem with the term “partner” is that it means something else: people who co-own a business. The overlap can lead to misinterpretations.

One time, I knew a couple of business partners, a man and a woman, who co-owned a restaurant. They weren’t involved. They referred to each other as “my partner,” because that’s what they were: business partners.

A lot of people assumed they were “partners” in every way. They didn’t make a point of clarifying this every time, because they were going by the original, true definition of “partner.” However, they would smile ironically when someone made the assumption.

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