Psychology: communication, part 1

Self-tutoring about communication: the tutor resumes from yesterday.

Continuing with yesterday’s post, I understand, today, the realtor’s likely point of view. However, I have one final belief about it: I suspect he assumed they didn’t want to hear his advice because they already knew it.

I think, commonly, people assume “so-and-so already knows that”, when actually so-and-so doesn’t know it. Not wanting to say something that might go over poorly, people assume “it’s already known,” therefore freeing themselves of the responsibility to point it out.

In the 70s, saying something that went over poorly wasn’t a misstep like nowadays. Back then, to a much greater extent, when something had to be said, people said it, unpopular or not. If the hearer already knew it, so what? Much better to remind them five times, than leave them unaware.

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