Residential electricity: poss. cost to go solar

The tutor offers an estimate about the price of going solar.

In an earlier post , I reported my research findings of possibly 22W per $100 for a residential solar application.

Here in BC, according to BC Hydro, the typical household use is 11000kWh per year, or about 917kWh per month. Use fluctuates from minute to minute; taking the average power, we get

917kWh/month x month/(30*24h)=1.274kW=1274W

So, typical household average power usage is 1274W.

At 22W per $100, we can estimate what solar power might cost, installed, to replace the Hydro bill:

1274W x $100/22W = $5790.91

So, maybe around $6K to replace Hydro with solar in your house?

There are several key variables to be considered surrounding this very rough estimate. The first is hours of sun: in Osyoos, which is desert, you can probably expect much more output from solar panels than on the rainy coast. Installation costs no doubt vary widely as well. Next, there’s usage: this example is for a typical house; it likely doesn’t fit many cases.

That being said, the $6K estimate is a great starting point – and quite a value, from a certain point of view.


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