Retrospect: a family connection

Self-tutoring about people and events from the past: the tutor mentions a recent one.

A few days back, on my commute home on the bus, I found myself seated in the very back row, looking forward. The bus was very busy with school kids and workers alike. At certain stops, many people might debark, with around as many embarking. Lots of people were standing.

I noticed, among those standing, a girl with a kid. The girl was bending down, though not much, to kiss the kid’s head. The kid might’ve been 8.

At first I assumed, because of her tenderness with him, that the girl was the kid’s mother. At second glance, however, I realized that couldn’t be true; she looked to be a high school student – and not grade 12. I estimated their difference in ages might be 8 years. The girl was…his sister?

With her tenderness towards her brother, her love for him was apparent. I’ve never seen a sibling – or perhaps even a parent – take such affectionate care of someone.

The girl caught me noticing this; I smiled and demurely turned my head, hoping I hadn’t bothered her. At the next stop, many commuters debarked, leaving many seats available. She and her brother chose the seats right by mine, so I guess she realized my admiration came from a good place.

Sitting down, the girl gave her brother her phone so he could play a game (of course:). They talked while he played, so quietly that I couldn’t discern anything either said, although they were three feet away.

Both she and her brother were petite, unassuming kids. It was their bond that made them noticeable. They made my day:)

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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