Retrospect: Thanksgiving decorations

Self-tutoring about the Thanksgiving time of year: the tutor reflects…

When I was a kid, I lived in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, from April of grade four to the end of grade seven. It was a formative time of my life, to be sure.

Being farmers, the locals there celebrated Thanksgiving above and beyond what you might expect. I recall, for instance, that starting shortly after school went in, Thanksgiving decorations appeared in the school. You’d see them in the typical places – inside the classroom door or on a bare patch of wall.

The Thanksgiving decorations were similar, in their presentation, to Halloween decorations. Their colours were orange, red, yellow, brown, and black, and they’d say “Harvest Time” or “Happy Thanksgiving” above or below a turkey or collection of produce. We’d also produce Thanksgiving crafts which would go up on the walls.

After Thanksgiving, the store-bought Thanksgiving decorations were immediately replaced by Halloween ones, while the Thanksgiving crafts were gradually replaced by Halloween ones. Thanksgiving and Halloween were two distinct phases of Autumn, from the local point of view.

Thanksgiving can arrive all of a sudden in a busy life: one can easily almost miss it. However, it’s a great holiday to anticipate and savour. It arrives at a great time of year, when the school year is fresh even though nature’s year is entering its final season.

Happy Thanksgiving:)

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